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Kittylets..poopoo and other Quirks

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Alas, another attempt at humanizing my sort. Do they actually expect that we'd prefer to flush over digging and covering? Seriously, what is cleaner and more...natural? Poop is meant to be returned to the earth and feed the soil and the trees and the cows you people eat. It's not meant to be in water. Ugh...and you're surprised why excrement floats around your beaches..If its normal for you guys to poop in water, then you can just imagine what the uneducated folk conveniently think when they see any body of water..

Anyway, we can expect to have quieter nights from now on. Yes, the weekend brought my brother and the other "toms" to the vet for the...circumsition ritual. As much as I feel rather bad that Ebenezer will forever remain a virgin and never even know the joys the others scream about each night, at least I'd get good sleep from now on. Come on, we felines are only entitled to about 14 hours of sleep.

However, that runt they call a shitzu (oh, they call it Dharma) seems to like shrieking or yelping or barking at night. If they call that barking.

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